Saturday, February 4, 2012

I dream of dreaming dreams.......

.....Warmth of Mist.... happens....
               .....when I close my eyes,
         he just comes by.......
                     melts me in a warm hold,
                     into my ears...whispers something untold....
                     .....but if I dare to open my eyes
to relish the feel so swell
......nothing happens.....
it just breaks the spell....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

To all my Fabulous Friends....

...who pull my cheeks,tickle me to tears,ask for a treat first and then wish me "Happy Birthday " [:p],hug me tight on each meeting and never miss a  chance to make me smile [:)]

Sakshi,Samrah,Nikita,Neha,Farah,Aqsa,Aparna,Surabhi,Deepti,Jigyasa,Apoorva,Neha M.,Aditi, Manisha.....I came out with this when I was browsing through some old pictures and chats....

A Date With the Past

Let's walk down the memory lane
Those sunny days...
so innocent, yet so insane !
Dreaming about the candle lights...
and those Monday morning cat-fights [:p]
sitting on a bench for long,
to soothe...were only your silent words
when everything went wrong
A warm hug, a soothing touch
Ah...what a relief
for there's someone, who cares so much
I close my eyes...
and remember the times...
when we shared...
griefs,laughs and even the smallest tear
All vanished...
but in my memories, so near...
*smiling* for a moment or two
the time got slower...
wake up buddy,
the mirage is over [;)]
with a deep sigh,
and a blur in my eye
I wiped a tear or two
as I cherished the memories
that I created with none.....but You!
                                                             - Shubhi

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Straight from my heart..............

This is my first blog I want to dedicate this peice of poetry to my beloved Mummy and Daddy...they are the best of them :)
Roots And Wings

          Dear Maa & Daddy,
 My words have always failed me
whenever I'd penned in praise of you
not because I've very few
but, I don't know how to say
that how much I love you

Your love, so unconditional
Your care, so pure
For blessing me this life
I thank you from my heart's core

When patches were rough
When times were tough
To make me smile
your assuring touch was enough

You were the ones who taught me
to give first and then take
That promises are meant to be kept
and not to break
That I am destined for something
and its time to wake

When no one did
you believed in me
You were my best
friend, philosopher and guide
That I found in thee

You were the ones who taught me
that hope never dies
After a failure....
like a phoenix must you rise
That showers bring flowers
and winters bring springs
Today, I just wanted to thank you
for gifting me
world's best things....
My roots and wings!

                                              -Love, Shubhi