Saturday, January 1, 2011

To all my Fabulous Friends....

...who pull my cheeks,tickle me to tears,ask for a treat first and then wish me "Happy Birthday " [:p],hug me tight on each meeting and never miss a  chance to make me smile [:)]

Sakshi,Samrah,Nikita,Neha,Farah,Aqsa,Aparna,Surabhi,Deepti,Jigyasa,Apoorva,Neha M.,Aditi, Manisha.....I came out with this when I was browsing through some old pictures and chats....

A Date With the Past

Let's walk down the memory lane
Those sunny days...
so innocent, yet so insane !
Dreaming about the candle lights...
and those Monday morning cat-fights [:p]
sitting on a bench for long,
to soothe...were only your silent words
when everything went wrong
A warm hug, a soothing touch
Ah...what a relief
for there's someone, who cares so much
I close my eyes...
and remember the times...
when we shared...
griefs,laughs and even the smallest tear
All vanished...
but in my memories, so near...
*smiling* for a moment or two
the time got slower...
wake up buddy,
the mirage is over [;)]
with a deep sigh,
and a blur in my eye
I wiped a tear or two
as I cherished the memories
that I created with none.....but You!
                                                             - Shubhi

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